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Come by to #dajam983 and donate to our annual Toy Drive. When you drop off your new/unwrapped toys you can also enter to win a prize. Office hours is Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. Happy Holidays! @ Da Jam 98.3 FM
Congratulations Allan and Ian! Have fun at the concert! . . . #dajam983 #brunomars #24kmagicworldtour
New career? New job? We got you on Saturday October 27th at the @qkcmaui from 10am - 2pm. #dajam983
Congratulations to Ivory for winning Trance and Mackie's Karaoke Showdown! Also congratulations to all of the contestants who participated! Let's do it again next year! #dajam983 #tranceandmackieshouse #mauifair
#dajam983 #bankrollofsounds #winnertakeall
Congratulations! . . . Hawaii wins 2018 Little League World Series championship, defeats South Korea 3-0.
#latepost Congratulations to Denise and Ryan for winning their rounds in the #bankrollofsounds and there's more money to be won this week on #dajam983
ROUND 4. Wrong Answer 08/13/18 Opening a bag of Chips. Wrong Answer 08/14/18 Tin Foil Wrong Answer 08/15/18 Bag of Chips (AGAIN) Don't be like this person. Wrong Answer 08/16/18 Opening a bag of Rice Crispy Treats Wrong Answer 08/17/18 Cutting a Head of Cabbage Wrong Answer 08/20/18 Opening a bag of Saimin Wrong Answer 08/21/18 Opening your Mail or an Envelope Wrong Answer 08/22/18 Taking out the Garbage GAME POSTPONED 08/23/18 till Hurricane Coverage Is Over. Wrong Answer 08/27/18 Opening a CD or DVD Wrong Answer 08/28/18 Eating Nori Wrong Answer 08/29/18 Velcro Wrong Answer 08/30/18 Opening a piece of candy. Wrong Answer 09/04/18 Cracking Ice/Ice Maker Wrong Answer 09/05/18 Pop Rocks Candy Wrong Answer 09/06/18 Frying Food Wrong Answer 09/07/18 Hot Oil in Frying Pan (SAME THING AS THE ANSWER ON 09/06/18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Don't be like this guy. Wrong Answer 09/10/18 Crumpling Paper Wrong Answer 09/11/18 Plastic Bottle/Water Bottle Wrong Answer 09/12/18 Water hitting a foil pan. Wrong Answer 09/13/18 Popping a piece of gum out of the foil holder. Wrong Answer 09/14/18 Opening Toilet Paper. Wrong Answer 09/17/18 Opening and Cracking a Glowstick.
ROUND 2. Wrong Answer 08/03/18 Someone Washing Dishes Wrong Answer 08/06/18 A Washing Machine Wrong Answer 08/07/18 Someone Washing Dishes (AGAIN) Wrong Answer 08/08/18 Taking Lid off of Toilet Tank *****WINNER***** Denise Kim $1000.00 08/09/18 Washing Rice
The sound he guessed was mixing mac 'n cheese, and it was worth $2,800! Congratulations Davin Costa! #dajam983 #bankrollofsounds #mauiradio
Mahalo for voting us Maui Time Weekly Best Local Radio Station! 🤙 ___________________________________ #dajam983 #mauiradio #mauitimeweekly
Mahalo for making Trance & Mackie's House the Best Local Radio DJ or Show on Maui via Maui Time Weekly! ____________________ #dajam983 #mauiradio #mauitimeweekly
Thank you from all of us here at Da Jam 983! 🙏🏼
Round 1. Wrong Answer 07/16/18 Pop Rocks Candy Wrong Answer 07/17/18 A person crumpling foil Wrong Answer 07/18/18 Wringing out a Towel. Wrong Answer 07/19/18 Someone Eating Noodles. Wrong Answer 07/20/18 Someone Opening a Gift Wrong Answer 07/23/18 Someone Pouring Milk into a Bowl of Cereal Wrong Answer 07/24/18 A Bucket Overflowing Wrong Answer 07/25/18 Oil Frying in a Wok Wrong Answer 07/26/18 Playing with Crunchy Slime Wrong Answer 07/27/18 Cleaning a Toilet Wrong Answer 07/30/18 Bubble Wrap Wrong Answer 07/31/18 Drinking Water from a Water Hose Wrong Answer 08/01/18 Someone taking a Whizz WINNER Davin Costa 08/02/18 Mixing Mac n Cheese
Today is the last day. We'll see you there! #dajam983
Who's ready for Bruno Mars?! . . #brunomars #dajam983