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Happy Valentines Day! Simply like this post and you are entered for this random drawing! Good Luck!
Happy New Year from all of us at Da Jam 98.3! Hope you have a great 2019!
Merry Christmas from Da Jam 98.3!
Congratulations to @graceestudios for winning the smart TV from us #dajam983 and we love this picture!Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family! Enjoy the TV!
How to use the touch screen when ordering at McDonald's Kahului on Puunene Avenue. #mcdonaldshawaii #dajam983
The Big Mac Mackie Mack is at the newly renovated Puunene McDonalds in Kahului with Da Jam 98.3 crew celebrating their re-grand opening. Come and join in the fun from now until 1pm! ____________________________ #dajam983 #mcdonalds #mcdonaldshawaii @ Kahului Mcdonalds
Come by to #dajam983 and donate to our annual Toy Drive. When you drop off your new/unwrapped toys you can also enter to win a prize. Office hours is Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. Happy Holidays! @ Da Jam 98.3 FM
Congratulations Allan and Ian! Have fun at the concert! . . . #dajam983 #brunomars #24kmagicworldtour
New career? New job? We got you on Saturday October 27th at the @qkcmaui from 10am - 2pm. #dajam983
Congratulations to Ivory for winning Trance and Mackie's Karaoke Showdown! Also congratulations to all of the contestants who participated! Let's do it again next year! #dajam983 #tranceandmackieshouse #mauifair
#dajam983 #bankrollofsounds #winnertakeall
Congratulations! . . . Hawaii wins 2018 Little League World Series championship, defeats South Korea 3-0.
#latepost Congratulations to Denise and Ryan for winning their rounds in the #bankrollofsounds and there's more money to be won this week on #dajam983
ROUND 4. Wrong Answer 08/13/18 Opening a bag of Chips. Wrong Answer 08/14/18 Tin Foil Wrong Answer 08/15/18 Bag of Chips (AGAIN) Don't be like this person. Wrong Answer 08/16/18 Opening a bag of Rice Crispy Treats Wrong Answer 08/17/18 Cutting a Head of Cabbage Wrong Answer 08/20/18 Opening a bag of Saimin Wrong Answer 08/21/18 Opening your Mail or an Envelope Wrong Answer 08/22/18 Taking out the Garbage GAME POSTPONED 08/23/18 till Hurricane Coverage Is Over. Wrong Answer 08/27/18 Opening a CD or DVD Wrong Answer 08/28/18 Eating Nori Wrong Answer 08/29/18 Velcro Wrong Answer 08/30/18 Opening a piece of candy. Wrong Answer 09/04/18 Cracking Ice/Ice Maker Wrong Answer 09/05/18 Pop Rocks Candy Wrong Answer 09/06/18 Frying Food Wrong Answer 09/07/18 Hot Oil in Frying Pan (SAME THING AS THE ANSWER ON 09/06/18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Don't be like this guy. Wrong Answer 09/10/18 Crumpling Paper Wrong Answer 09/11/18 Plastic Bottle/Water Bottle Wrong Answer 09/12/18 Water hitting a foil pan. Wrong Answer 09/13/18 Popping a piece of gum out of the foil holder. Wrong Answer 09/14/18 Opening Toilet Paper. Wrong Answer 09/17/18 Opening and Cracking a Glowstick.
ROUND 2. Wrong Answer 08/03/18 Someone Washing Dishes Wrong Answer 08/06/18 A Washing Machine Wrong Answer 08/07/18 Someone Washing Dishes (AGAIN) Wrong Answer 08/08/18 Taking Lid off of Toilet Tank *****WINNER***** Denise Kim $1000.00 08/09/18 Washing Rice
The sound he guessed was mixing mac 'n cheese, and it was worth $2,800! Congratulations Davin Costa! #dajam983 #bankrollofsounds #mauiradio
Mahalo for voting us Maui Time Weekly Best Local Radio Station! 🤙 ___________________________________ #dajam983 #mauiradio #mauitimeweekly
Mahalo for making Trance & Mackie's House the Best Local Radio DJ or Show on Maui via Maui Time Weekly! ____________________ #dajam983 #mauiradio #mauitimeweekly