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ROUND 4. Wrong Answer 08/13/18 Opening a bag of Chips. Wrong Answer 08/14/18 Tin Foil
ROUND 2. Wrong Answer 08/03/18 Someone Washing Dishes Wrong Answer 08/06/18 A Washing Machine Wrong Answer 08/07/18 Someone Washing Dishes (AGAIN) Wrong Answer 08/08/18 Taking Lid off of Toilet Tank *****WINNER***** Denise Kim $1000.00 08/09/18 Washing Rice
The sound he guessed was mixing mac 'n cheese, and it was worth $2,800! Congratulations Davin Costa! #dajam983 #bankrollofsounds #mauiradio
Mahalo for voting us Maui Time Weekly Best Local Radio Station! 🤙 ___________________________________ #dajam983 #mauiradio #mauitimeweekly
Mahalo for making Trance & Mackie's House the Best Local Radio DJ or Show on Maui via Maui Time Weekly! ____________________ #dajam983 #mauiradio #mauitimeweekly
Thank you from all of us here at Da Jam 983! 🙏🏼
Round 1. Wrong Answer 07/16/18 Pop Rocks Candy Wrong Answer 07/17/18 A person crumpling foil Wrong Answer 07/18/18 Wringing out a Towel. Wrong Answer 07/19/18 Someone Eating Noodles. Wrong Answer 07/20/18 Someone Opening a Gift Wrong Answer 07/23/18 Someone Pouring Milk into a Bowl of Cereal Wrong Answer 07/24/18 A Bucket Overflowing Wrong Answer 07/25/18 Oil Frying in a Wok Wrong Answer 07/26/18 Playing with Crunchy Slime Wrong Answer 07/27/18 Cleaning a Toilet Wrong Answer 07/30/18 Bubble Wrap Wrong Answer 07/31/18 Drinking Water from a Water Hose Wrong Answer 08/01/18 Someone taking a Whizz WINNER Davin Costa 08/02/18 Mixing Mac n Cheese
Today is the last day. We'll see you there! #dajam983
Who's ready for Bruno Mars?! . . #brunomars #dajam983
This Saturday will be crazy on Front Street! You know how it is every Cinco De Mayo on the west side. #powermixsaturdays #dajampowermix #dajam983hitmixer #dirtymonkeymaui
We at it again tomorrow night! The new Saturday night party spot. The Dirty Monkey Lahaina
Bumpin' tonight at the #dirtymonkeymaui with #dajam983 every Saturday night is the Power Mix Live!
Da Jam hitmixer DJ LX in the mix at the #dirtymonkeymaui let's go! #dajam983
Starting April 21st. The Jam’s Power Mix goes live to Front Street Lahaina. And we’ll introduce to you the 7pm 80’s Flashback Happy Hour.
3/20/18 Mahalo for joining us at the Planet Fitness grand opening! We had a blast with everyone! #dajam983
Mackie Mac and Da Jam 98.3 crew at the Planet Fitness grand opening. We're here till 12pm! Come down now!
Congratulations to Moku taking 1st place and Trisha taking 2nd place in the highest 4x4 Contest at the KarMart Jam on 3/10/18 #dajam983
Getting ready for the Highest 4x4 Contest at the KarMart Jam at KarMart in Kihei. 3/10/18 #dajam983
Highlights from the Auto Limbo Contest at The KarMart Jam. #dajam983
We had giveaways every 15 minutes at the KarMart Jam with #dajam983 and congratulations to our winners!