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You never know when Trance and Mackie go live on their Facebook page 😂🤣😅. Tune in every weekend morning from 6am - 10am! #dajam983 #mauiradio
Our big winner this morning. Congratulations to Alex winning $6500.00.
Another One Bites The Dust! See the wrong answer on Trance and Mackie's Facebook. #dajam983
A look behind the scenes of the Bankroll of Sounds game being played live on the air this morning with Trance and Mackie.
More highlights from the Cricket Wireless grand opening celebration at the Maui Mall. #dajam983
Mackie Mac with the crew from Cricket Wireless at their grand opening celebration. Come down to the Maui Mall and join the party! Tons of giveaways!#dajam983
Mahalo for making Trance & Mackie's House the number 1 Local Radio DJ or Show in the @mauitimeweekly Best of Maui 2019! Thanks for always tuning in weekday mornings! #tranceandmackieshouse #dajam983 #mauiradio #hawaiiradio
Round 3 wrong answers: 07/11/19 Caller had no guess AT ALL!!! 🙄 07/12/19 Dropping Cell Phone 07/15/19 Re-do Round on 07/16/19 (Phone lines not 100% due to Brush Fires) 07/16/19 Soda Machine Playing for $1000.00 on 07/17/19 07/17/19 Pinball Machine 07/18/19 Car Door Handle 07/19/19 Tailgate Playing for $1750.00 Monday 07/22 07/22/19 Rolling Suitcase Wheels 07/23/19 Nail Gun 07/24/19 Bowling Ball in ball return chute 07/25/19 Slot Machine 07/26/19 Air Hockey Table 07/29/19 Opening car hood 07/30/19 Paper Towel Dispenser 07/31/19 Time Card Machine 08/01/19 Jumping off diving board 08/02/19 Car key turning ignition 08/05/19 Throwing trash in the dumpster 08/06/19 Running over a steel plate on the road. 08/07/19 Door Deadbolt 08/08/19 3 Hole puncher 08/09/19 Soda Machine 08/12/19 Boxing Speed Bag 08/13/19 Dropping a 5gal. bucket/plastic bin 08/14/19 Extension Ladder Cash pot is at $6250.00 as of 08/15/19 08/15/19 Changing an office water dispenser. (5gal. Menehune kind) 08/16/19 Hospital Bed As of 08/16/19 The contest is now capped off at $6500.00 GOOD LUCK! 08/19/19 Air Hockey (REPEAT ANSWER) 08/20/19 Jukebox 08/21/19 Knocking on the Door 08/22/19 Opening or closing a metal locker door 08/23/19 Sound from a car wash Maybe we'll find a winner next week. Have a great weekend!!! 08/26/19 Stapler 08/27/19 Microwave door 08/28/19 Foosball Table 08/29/19 Going over a speed bump 08/30/19 Typewriter 09/03/19 Pool Table or Pool Table ball release 09/04/19 Locking Toilet Door in a Air Plane 09/05/19 Putting the key in a padlock and opening it. 09/06/19 Driving over Cattle Guard 09/09/19 Vacuum Cleaner Height Adjustment 09/10/19 A door closing and bumping twice before it closes. 09/11/19 ****NO GUESS TODAY**** PHONE LINES DOWN 09/12/19 Garbage Truck Picking up Dumpster and Dumping out the Trash. 09/13/19 Tapping the water off of your toothbrush on the sink. 09/16/19 Desktop Adding Machine 09/17/19 Vending Machine 09/17/19 Tap Dancing 09/17/19 Turnstile 09/18/19 A Judges gavel 09/18/19 Soap Dispenser 09/19/19 Return Address Stamper 09/19/19 Coffee Pot 09/19/19 Column Shift in Vehicle 09/19/19 Stacking up Plates in Kitchen Cabinet 09/20/19 Opening a Garage Door 09/20/19 Raising the Recliner of Lazy-Boy 09/20/19 Sowing or Embroidery Machine 09/20/19 Opening and Closing Dish Washer 09/23/19 ******WINNER****** Alex******* Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser
Round 2 Incorrect Answers: 07/09/19 - Frying an Egg
Congratulations to Round One Winner Jonathan Flores. $250.00 Dog running on hard floor.
It's back! Bankroll of Sounds kicks off Monday July 8th! #dajam983
Let's get them back to school with nice school supplies this up coming school year. #toolsforschools #dajam983
Happy 4th of July from #dajam983 have fun and be safe!
Congratulations to all of our winners who got in the Yeti and won the coolers! Enjoy them and have a great summer from #dajam983 #tranceandmackieshouse @ Da Jam 98.3 FM
Happy Father's Day! Didn't get Dad a gift? Well you better get him in the YETI! Winners will be selected on Friday June 21st! Good luck! #dajam983 #yetitundra
Da Jam 98.3 want to say congratulations to the class of 2019! Good luck with all that you're about to do! #dajam983 #classof2019
Happy Mother's Day from all of us at #dajam983
******TEASER ALERT****** Trance and Mackie's House will be giving you a chance to win one coming in May.